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the sophisticated cloud-based solution from Austria to stay on top of


- the Construction/Site Diary

- Construction Defects & Omissions

- Task Management

- Facility Management / Maintenance

"docu tools links long-time experience in the construction industry and intuitive software development. Due to the team's personal experience with building projects, we have designed Docu Tools to the smallest detail."

Matthias Rant and Gerhard Schuster

CEOs and founders of Docu Tools

I would like to test Docu Tools and get the 30 days free Trial

Easy handling of sophisticated construction projects

simple / reliable / safe

All plans in one place

Make detailed plans availalbe offline to work everywhere

online & offline

Capture Construction Site

Set Pins to record planning errors, progress and defects with photos, notes and sketches

Team Sharing

Working together on the construction site, communicate online, share tasks, review progress

Planning, Project Management and Construction Supervision


Construction professionals know that what happens on Site often has little to do with the plan. Errors have to be identified, documented and corrected asap. Docu Tools is the perfect tool to help You with this task.

Cities and Municipalities, Infrastructure Companies


Continous inspections and pending refurbishments have to be handled especially accuratley and on time. Docu Tools makes sure that no deadline is missed

Owners, Facility and Property Management


Managing Properties requires a good overview, fast assignment of tasks and their current status, Docu Tools makes Your Life hereby definitely easier.


These two features make docu tools stand out as a platform form construction site records and commun

Photo Management

- Locate all photos directly on the plan using a pin

- Also works with just the photo, no plan needed

Project Roles

- Flexible role allocation with five different levels of authorization

- Each project member only sees what he or she needs to

Clients Love Docu Tools for



  • the intenational usability
  • all stakeholders always up to date
  • combines all tools required on the construction site
  • user friendly
  • smooth and efficient progress for the construction
  • 20% time saving 
  • works on all devices.

Docu Tools Features



  • Powerful Task Management
  • Smart Workflows and Templates
  • Notification Center
  • Import of Map Data for Civil Engineering
  • Assign and Check Tasks
  • Collaborate across teams
  • Automatic Notifications
  • History of Plans easy to track

Pricing and Packages

Our Docu Tools Packages are based on a monthly or yearly subscription.

All prices below are excluding/before tax.

Please contact us for further Infos and/or an Personal Proposal!

Docu Tools - Pocket

98.-   AUD + GST / Monthly

980.- AUD + GST / Year

  • 2 active projects at the time
  • 100 plans
  • unlimited pins
  • unlimited subcontractors
  • unlimited memory
  • free e-mail support (currently over Austria) 

Docu Tools - Combo

115.- AUD + GST / Monthly

1,180,-  AUD + GST / Year

  • 10 active projects at the time
  • 800 plans
  • unlimited pins
  • unlimited subcontractors
  • unlimited memory
  • free e-mail support (currently over Austria)

Docu Tools - Multi

148 ,- AUD + GST / Monthly

1,580 AUD + GST / Yearly


  • unlimited projects
  • unlimited plans
  • unlimited pins
  • unlimited subcontractors
  • unlimited memory
  • free e-mail support (currently over Austria)

  • Contracts for Monthly Licences can be terminated with a termination notice period of only 1 week to the end of the respective month.
  • Contracts for Yearly Licences can't be terminated within the purchased 12 month - so no refund is possible. Yearly Licences are regular for an unlimited period but can be terminated with a termination notice period of 2 weeks to the end of the paid term.


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